Established in 1982, LINTEX has almost 40 years’ experience in the field of lock, security devices and accessories industry.

Our products are designed in US & Taiwan and manufactured 100% in Taiwan to ensure presenting best quality, IP (intellectual property) protection, and added values to our partners.

With its passion, professional R & D, experienced MFG, and Quality Management, LINTEX has long gained its reputation based on successful timeless products and OEM/ODM projects from well-known brands, such as DELL, Lenovo, HP…etc.

With dedicated professionalism, a passion for manufacturing security devices and computer accessories, and by working closely with both partners and clients, we are constantly expanding and developing new markets, enabling worldwide user to enjoy user-friendly and high quality Lintex products.

Lintex is no doubt your most trustworthy partner you can count on

Our Core Competence




Products & Services

Locks:OEM, ODM,Computer Security, Retail Security, Tablet PC Security,Stands Security, Data Security,Server Security,Docking Security,outdoor latch security, gate secuirty, keybox secuirty,Secuirty Accessories.
Parts: Die-Casting, Stamping, Injection,Metal Injection Molding (MIM) & Powder Metallurgy (PM),Fine Blanking Stamping,Lost Wax Casting,Forging.
Ergonamic products: Stand, footrest, copy holder,monitor mount.