With a talented, passionate R&D team and years of manufacturing experiences.
We attribute much of our success to the people and processes involved.

Research & Development

Over 50 years experiences in manufacturing locks and mechanical parts, and ergonomic products.

With our experiences data base management system & quick marketing insight & feedback, they help us keep forward to innovate better products & proceeding for any project needs.

Advanced 3D printing & CNC mock-up allows us to provide in house rapid prototyping to shorten develop time for our customers.

Manufacturing Facilities

With a full complement of manufacturing equipments in house gives us the capacity to quickly service both OEM and ODM projects.

Manufacturing Processes

All our tooling is completed in-house.

Our primary manufacturing processes include:tooling, die-casting, stamping, injection, MIM and wire making.

Our secondary manufacturing processes include:advanced CNC cutting, milling, latching processes,key bitting, magnetic polishing and sandblasting.